What We Believe

What We Believe

The Bible
It is the inspired word of God and the foundation for all we believe.

He is the Creator of this universe. He is equal part Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. His greatest desire is to have a relationship with us.

Mankind was originally created in God’s image, but then the first man voluntarily disobeyed and fell from right standing with God.

Why Jesus?
The only way to the God of this universe is through His Son, Jesus Christ. Since we were born into sin and separated from God, there is a need for someone to reconnect us with our Father. Jesus, through His experience of overcoming a brutal death, is our connection to the Father.

It is the will of God that we be cleansed (sanctified) daily, always growing to better reflect the love of Jesus.

Baptism by Water
Being placed under water is simply an outward sign of what is taking place within your heart.

Baptism by the Spirit
This is a challenging thing for many people, but something that is not mystical, nor impractical. This baptism is to fill you up with God’s power, similar to that in the days of Jesus and His followers.

Spirit-Filled Life
We are to walk daily with the help of the Holy Spirit; freely experiencing the natural results of God’s presence in our lives, while showing regular spiritual growth as evidence of God in our lives.

God has the power to heal the physically, mentally, and emotionally sick person in answer to the prayer of faith.

Christ’s Return
This return is both personal and guaranteed to happen in the future. After Christ returns, ALL of us will stand before God in Heaven and receive eternal life or death.


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