Authentic Prayer

Prayer, like anything else in church life, can become religious.

And useless.

And boring.

And possibly sinful procrastination.

In fact, repetitious prayer can replace authentic conversation with God and actually hinder our spiritual lives, opposing the very life of CHirst within us.

Authentic conversation? The first definition in my dictionary for ‘authentic’ is:

Not false or copied; genuine; real.

Jesus preferred the wrong but authentic response of James and John when they asked Him if He wanted them to call down fire on the Samaritan village over the religious and posturing responses of the Pharisees and Scribes.

Authentic prayer…

Prayer from within,

Prayer without protection,

Prayer that is not copied,

And conversation with passion, even doubt and anger and disappointment.

God prefers the cries of our heart over the posturing and pretense of our religion.

Give yourself permission to speak with God today without barriers, without restraint and then listen. His response will give life, will heal, and will restore.

Even His rebuke is kind and loving, His anger healing and good.

(Excerpt from the Kindle E-book, Daily Prayer Thoughts, coming soon to an Electronic Reading Device Near You)

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