Prayer is Simple

Prayer is simple. Prayer is humanity having a conversation with God—a back and forth where one talks, the Other listens, and then One talks and the other listens.

The complexity comes in on our part, never on God’s part. God is perfect, His motives are pure, and His timing is extraordinary.

His hearing is perfect, His words are clear, and the tone of His voice reflects what is in His heart. There is no maneuvering or manipulating on God’s end. It really is that simple.

The complexity comes in on our part. We make the conversation complex when we decide we need to use religious words, when we want our words to sound powerful (so often said in a powerful tone but without power), when we want others to think we pray well, and when we come before Him with anything in our hands other then the blood of His Son.

Starting today, make prayer simple.


Ask for healing.

Ask for health.

Ask for relationships.

Ask for peace.

Ask for clarity of thoughts.

Ask for stability in emotions.

Ask for ministry.

Ask for the whole Kingdom thing of abundance in life, in work, in play, and at home.


In all your asking, expect to receive. Write down the “ask” and mark it off when you realize you have received it.

And as you Ask and Receive, make sure you continue to Give because Give is meant to be a natural response to an overflowing life.

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