God asks…

If God asks something from us, I wonder if it is because He created us to be that way, operate best that way?

God asks us to confess our sins one to another.  Were we made for confession?

God asks us to repent, to think again.  Were we made to change our minds and line them up with His ways?

God asks us to forgive, to not judge.  Did He never intend us to judge?  Not even judge ourselves?

God asks us to obey Him.  Was I created for obedience?  For surrender to Him and to none other, not even myself?

God says Do No Fear.  Was I created to not experience fear?

God says to pray.  Was I created to have a conversation with Him?

That way of thinking and seeing sort of turns things around for me.  Instead of trying to be something that I am not I am simply finding my way to who I really am.  Instead of working hard at following the rules I am simply following Him and being, acting like His child would.

Here is to receiving what He created us to be, instead of working for what religion expects us to be.

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