Sticky People

We as humans are designed to stick to people and most especially to God. Our souls are constructed that way. To have stickability, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity and such.

As an infant we feel a part of our mother since we are in fact one with here and we go throughout our childhood becoming less and less glued to her.

We create new bonds with siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, and coaches. All of which require various levels of stickiness commitment. Some have a stronger and safer bond than others.

Emotionally we glue to others , it is a fact of life. Some people we are glued to appropriately and some we are not. But we have the gift and capability, the natural desire and inclination to be connected to others.

As with Stockholm Syndrome (a medical diagnosis for certain types of emotional trauma) that glue can be misapplied and we form bonds of loyalty and empathy that are not just destructive to us but plain weird! (See here for more on Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome)

We feel connected and somehow loyal and supportive, if not responsible for certain people who are nothing but trouble for us and even abusive to us,

The emotional glue gets misapplied.

Just as when marriage approaches us from the departure from childhood into adulthood we are supposed to leave and cleave; depart and cling; finish and re-start. We learn to leave our childhood home emotionally and unite to our new family. Our spouse and children need the glue that we once had with our parents and siblings.

Both cannot have it. It is not possible.

Our stickiness has limitations and just like ripping apart material that has been glued mistakenly and dried with time we tear ourselves if we misapply that valuable emotional glue.

There is great pleasure and fulfillment in being united and cohesive with the right people in our lives, as well as leaving behind the old connections where we are not intended to be glued any more.

The connection is called a soul tie.

God helps us to tie our souls, or glue ourselves to the right people and untie from the wrong people.

They may only become wrong because seasons change and not necessarily because they are bad for us. Mother cannot mother me forever. That is unhealthy for both of us.

There will always be ungluing and gluing but the greatest and healthiest bond where I will never come unstuck, is with Jesus.

I am glued to Him.

(Listen to Jim’s 1st Message, Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome, in the Series High Points of Freedom)


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