God Works

Religion mostly works well within the context of four walls.

It rarely works in daily life or crisis situations.  The lives of religious people prove it every moment of every day in every nation.

God the Being, the Creator, the Bible God and not the topic of religion or the Big Guy in the Sky god often thanked for awards, that God works within us so that everything outside of us works better.

This God works.

When we are alone, in the home or on the job.

This God works when we are in the mud of life or the glory of success, or on a business trip.

This God works.

In our marriages and while raising children.

This God works in the midst of poverty, in the midst of wealth, while healthy and while in pain.

He works during crisis and during peace, on the beach or on a rug, when you feel like a hero or as small as a bug.

This God works when you are on a boat, having coffee, having your hair done or while painting a picture.

This God works while living life simply because He is life and life and then more life, with some added for good measure.

Let this God work within you today.


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