Right Standing Without A Leg To Stand On

Right Standing Without A Leg To Stand On

To be self-righteous is to attempt to show right standing by our actions and that type of righteousness carries no weight in any courtroom in the world nor in the Courtroom of Eternity.

The imagery of self-righteous is to be our own witness, our own advocate.

The idea that we can put ourselves in alignment, in right standing, with the perfect, completely righteous God of the universe is absurd, leaving us without a leg to stand on.

Yet, we regularly try to do this very thing.  We point to our adherence to church attendance, tithing, Bible study and prayer as proof of why we should be declared in right standing with God.

We point to our freedom to sport tattoos, drink beer and have a deep disdain for the church as evidence that we are in right standing with God.

Some are bold enough to not hide behind religious phrases and say, “We are good people and that is what counts” or “I cannot believe in that kind of God”, just as foolishly buying into this deeply held prideful belief that we can line up with the perfectness of the Creator by our own testimony, our own efforts.

Foolish is the man who leans upon his own understanding.  Cursed is the man who leans upon the arm of another.

Righteous, wise and blessed is the man who falls into the arms of the loving Father.
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  1. Scarlet Ratliff

    I work a second evening job that has exposed me to people outside the church world that I am used to. Doing so has exposed me to ideas and different perspectives on rightness with God. I appreciate your article and plan to share with a co-worker at this second evening job in hopes it will build up his inner man and bring truth to his thought process about rightness with God and the gift of grace.

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