How to Talk About Politics

Here are some good guidelines for Christ-followers to follow when it comes to talking about the debates, politics, or just about anything that is controversial.

1. Choose your words carefully. The words you use indicate what is in your heart and almost everyone will judge you on what you say, not on what your intent was. Jesus constantly geared His words to those who were on the ‘outside’ and in doing so greatly aggravated those on the ‘inside’.

2. Agree quickly with those you disagree with. The Bible gives us a great strategy to resolve conflict and to connect with those we normally would disagree with. Agreeing with someone puts them totally off balance and opens a door for a real conversation at the same time. And, don’t we really want open doors for deeper dialogue more than we want the chance to shout out our opinions?

3. Act like the mature one in the conversation. You have Christ living within you, right? Your eternity is secure, your Peace is present with you, and you are the recipient of God’s scandalous grace so why not act like it while talking about politics? And, if you cannot stay cool and at peace in the middle of the storm, join us for some of our freedom classes coming soon.

4. Watch your mouth for with it you may sin. This is sort of a repeat of number one, but throughout the Bible it says to fear, to respect, and to pray for our leaders. Proverbs 24:21 tells us to show reverence to our leaders and render them proper respect. While you are trying to make a point on how wrong someone’s position is you may just be stepping off a cliff into a swamp of rebellion and self-righteousness. And that, my friends, gets awfully sticky.

5. Be clear and keep focused. You may think that I want you to keep clear and focused on the bullet points of your political party but I don’t. I want you to keep clear and focused on the Kingdom of God that is within you and that is available through you. Speak about politics, the economy, culture, or whatever but always keep in mind that not only are we not long for this planet, we are not even our own people. We are children, servants, ambassadors, and co-workers of the Only One Who Can Really Change Anything.

Seek Him and everything else will be added unto you.

God wins every time.


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