God is Good?

God is good?

What exactly does that mean?

God is perfect. He is without blemish, without defect, and He has no flaws. This means He is the best example of how to feel, think, love, and live.

With God there is no contradiction. God is always consistent with Himself and His actions are always consistent with His character. Because of this we can trust God.

God possesses every perfect quality in perfect ways. In a way, God is the perfect person without being a person. If we took the most perfect parts of all of the billions of people here on earth we would begin to only see a miniscule picture of the perfection of God.

God is infinitely good, meaning His goodness is never ending. We see this in scripture when it speaks of God’s patience and long-suffering.

God is innately good, meaning His goodness flows from within Himself. Good is simply what God is from at the very core and all the way through to the outside. God’s goodness flows from within Himself.

God is immutably good, meaning that His good is unchanging. Imagine a Father, a Friend, whose goodness towards you does not change depending upon your badness? That is how good God is.

God’s good is so great that upon the creation of humanity He breathed that goodness into us as He gave us life. God’s good is so incredible and powerful that when we receive it our own imperfections no longer matter.

God is the perfect, incorruptible seed that is implanted in us upon salvation. Our continued confidence, despite all the bad around us (or even in us), in His ability to continue the good work begun in us is what activates His power.

God is good.


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