Prophecy is Our Tongue Connected to God’s Heart

Prophecy is Our Tongue Connected to God’s Heart

“Prophecy is the love language of God”  
(Kris Vallottoon)

Pastor Les takes us thru a small portion of Ezekiel 37 at a time when God takes Ezekiel on a walk thru a valley of dry bones.  We discover that…

  1. God doesn’t ask Ezekiel for his opinion but his faith
  2. We never get to decide what is dead
  3. If we don’t speak then things will remain dead
  4. We speak God’s heart, not our opinions

Les challenges us to prophesy scripture over ourselves and others (as worship ended we prophesied “I am no longer a slave to fear” and “I am a child of God” to ourselves first, then to those around us).

If it feels ‘bitter’ in your mouth as you prophesy God’s truth over you and your life then you may be struggling with…

  • a lack of hope
  • an unwillingness to exercise faith
  • doubting the goodness of God
  • believing your lie over God’s truth
  • valuing your thoughts and words about yourself and your situation over God’s thoughts and words about you and your situation

There is power in the tongue to bless and to curse.  There is power in the tongue to damage or do good.  This truth is increased in power as we engage in the use of the gift of prophecy to declare God’s heart over our lives.

“What is God’s heart towards the dead bones in your life?”