The Process of Fear

Did you know that there is a ‘process’ of fear? There is a series of steps that Elijah takes when Queen Jezebel threatens to kill him. These are not the only steps in the process nor the only process but they are certainly worth noting and seeing where you are with your fear…

1. Fear enters in when we LISTEN to anything other than what God says. Elijah HEARS the message from Jezebel and SEES his future in the worst of terms.

2. Fear causes us to RUN when normally we would fight and to disobey instead of obey. Running takes on all sorts of forms, including running to another church, person, doctrine, addiction, friendships, and on and on. We almost always have a great reason for why we RUN and it is almost always a cover for fear.

3. An action most of us take when dealing with fear is that we DISCONNECT from those around us who know us the best. I have seen this many times with men who are heading towards an affair and the corresponding disconnection when women who are struggling with depression (often anger turned inwards, anger typically based on the fear root). Elijah disconnects from those who could remind him who God is and what God has done for and through him.

4. Fear forces us to disbelieve or to believe the LIE. Fear is the enemy’s counterfeit to faith so replicates faith really well. Faith establishes the truth of who I am in Christ, while fear establishes that I am no one important, someone with very little hope. Faith is in charge of the truth, while fear is in charge of the facts.

5. We have listened and we have seen the future and it is bad! We have run from where God has us, we have disconnected from those who can help us the most and we have bought the lie that our future is bad and…we SHUT DOWN. Elijah goes to sleep. Sleep may look like depression, addiction, failure or success. Sleep is slumbering through life, sleepwalking in broad daylight.

We all struggle with fear. Some is obvious and some is hidden deep within our soul. Where are you in this process? Talk to God and He will talk you through it and into victory.

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