Wrong Side of the Courtroom

Righteousness in scripture is always connected to the courtroom.   It is here where we use the imagery of Right Standing.

We stand in a room, facing a judge, awaiting a sentence. 

If the court finds in our favor we are called righteous.  If the court finds in the favor of the plaintiff, the one who has initiated the legal suit against you, then we are called unrighteous.

We either are in right standing with the court or not.  No wriggle room.  No gray areas.  You, the defendant may want to wriggle and may want to paint some gray areas; however, the Judge is clear where He stands and where you stand.

In the Christian story Satan is the plaintiff.  He is the one who accuses us before God.  He is loud and ferocious when he accuses us, sounding like the king of the jungle.

I think that is why gossip, accusation, judgment and condemnation are so damaging.  We are doing the work of the enemy when do these things.

When we do this we are on the wrong side of the courtroom drama, facing off against none other than God.

If you aren’t already, get on the right side and quit hating on the rest of humanity (including that loser at your office, the annoying neighbor, the difficult relative and you now who!).


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