Sermons on Christian Life

What Does the Good Neighbor Give Away?

“Christians are not meant to be hiding in their homes hoping the world leaves them alone. We are called to be outside and changing our world  one neighbor at a time” (Pastor Les) Many, maybe most, Christians believe that being a good neighbor is simply not being a bad, annoying neighbor.  This idea that Jesus wants us to love our neighbors and that commandment is fulfilled by smiling, not getting drunk and yelling at 3:00 a.m. or keeping our yard…

Freedom, Righteousness, and Sin

Listen in as Aaron Edwards, founder of Tomball Renewal Center and pastor of Sonday’s Church, explores the deeper realities of our God given freedom and the gift of His righteousness in the face of sin.

Who Should You Be Like?

All Christians know that they should be like Jesus.  From Mark 10 and Matthew 18 we discover that Jesus tells us to be like children.  In this message we take a look at… How the Disciples wanted the Children to become like adults but Jesus wanted the adults to be like Children. How we wrongly assume that we are being transformed into better versions of ourselves.  We are not. 4 ways we can be like little children. Pastor Les ends…

Pivots, Promises, & Parameters

Discover why you need to pivot correctly, pursue the right promises and live life within the right parameters to enter into your promised life.  From Joshua, chapter one.

Does This Sound Like Your Wisdom?

Contrary to popular belief there are only two choices to make when it comes to wisdom and only one way to receive Godly wisdom.  What does wisdom sound, look and feel like?  Does it sound like talk radio, Fox or CNN news, your conversations or even the preaching you listen to?

Defeating Double-Mindedness

You may just get your feelings hurt and your mind blown as you listen in to what double-mindedness is and how to defeat it by being single-minded on the right One.  Les shares some thoughts from Numbers 13 and his Kindle book Yes. No. Maybe So. Click Here to get your copy!  

Why You Don’t Need to Enter into the Holy of Holies

Religion loves to put form over function, duty over beauty.  Most of us struggle to enter into a place religion talks about instead of entering into a relationship that was purchased through the cross.  Listen in and be challenged to think afresh about the splitting of the veil in Matthew 27.

Christian Politics 101: It’s All About You

When Jesus passionately prayed on the Mount of Olives why did He not pray for the hearts of politicians and religious leaders to be changed?  Could it be possible that politics is all about you and Jesus?

Working the Word with Cherie Bosch

When you work the word you will move from the desert into your promised life.  Cherie shares an encouraging message that will make you desire to grow more spiritual muscle through the working of the word.

I Am Amazing Because I Am Like Him

Identity is where the enemy attacks us the most.  When we defend outlying areas instead of this internal identity we often exhaust ourselves yet never win the battle.