Sermons on John

Why You Want a Faith Gap

 Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” (John 6:29) I want to share this morning about Faith Gaps and why we should create some gaps in our lives that can only be filled by the activation of our own faith.  A Gap is a break between two objects.  A Faith Gap is the distance between what you are currently experiencing and what you see in your future.  The GAP is only narrowed or…

Are You To Full for God’s Word?

“…because you have no ROOM for My word” (John 8:37) Kresha and I want out to Peli Peli (an amazing South African restaurant) for Valentine’s Day.  We had an appetizer, I had a cucumber martini, then we each had a meal and shared a dessert.  We were full and if anyone had offered us anything, no matter how amazing, we would have said no.  The food we ate killed off our desire or ability to have anymore food. So often…

Why We May Struggle with Our Healing

Jesus asks the sick man (John 5:1-9) an almost ridiculous question, one that could be considered offensive to a person in pain–“Do you want to be healed?”  Aaron shares with us some insight on why we may struggle with receiving our own healing.