Sermons on Healing

Another Big Belief Barrier to Healing

“Don’t let anyone TEACH you out of your healing!”   (Pastor Les) So much teaching in church teaches against it being God’s will to Heal. Don’t let anyone teach you out of your healing! This wrong belief is one of the biggest Belief Barriers that we have and it works against us being healed or seeing people healed.  This morning I want us to take a look at another Big Belief Barrier and that is this idea that I NEED MORE…

Why General Faith Generally Fails

Pastor Les shares on healing and why we love speaking generally about faith but rarely get specific about it.  He uses Jairus and the Woman with the Issue of Blood as illustrations from Mark 4.  4 Questions are asked: (1) What specifically do you need to ask Jesus for?   (2) Where do you need work to breakthrough the barriers of wrong belief, bad doctrine and false ‘proof’?   (3)  Where are you afraid?   (4)  Where do you need…

Faith, Fear, and Healing

Fear is not that far away from faith.  We mistakenly think the two are polar opposites yet they may go hand in hand, with fear leading the way to faith.  Listen in as Les makes the case for more vulnerability leading to an increase in faith.

I Am Amazing Because I Am Like Him

Identity is where the enemy attacks us the most.  When we defend outlying areas instead of this internal identity we often exhaust ourselves yet never win the battle.

I Am Amazing Because I Am His

Like the prostitute Gomer being chosen by the prophet Hosea, we are chosen by God.  It is from this position of Being His that we are loved and sought after.

I AM Amazing Because God Dwells in Me

There are many places God could choose to live yet He dwells within you and me.  Why?  Because we best express the fullness of Him.  Listen in and discover how amazing you are.

Healing #1

I believe God gave me 3 words for 2016:  Healed. Healthy. Hopeful.  This morning I share on the wholeness of healing.

Dynamic Gratitude Changes Us

If you’ve ever practice dynamic gratitude then you know it isn’t easy.  Steve shares with us how dynamic gratitude both changes and heals us.  Part 2 is coming soon.
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