Sermons on Matthew

How Kingdom Reflects & Works in Church

“The Kingdom of God brings forth the church, not the church The Kingdom” (Jim Becton) Our friend and apostolic leader of Father’s Heart Ministries takes us on a deep and insightful journey of what the Kingdom of God is and how it is to work in the church. There is an Apostolic Process that God wants to utilize in order to advance the Kingdom of God and, in part, it looks like… Identifying gifts and callings of the body of…

Walking with The Cross

“When we follow our compassion into the crowds, we will find Jesus there, doing amazing things thru us” (Pastor Les) I spent a 5-days in Costa Rica last week with my friend and Panamanian missionary Jim Sim.  Each year, for years, we have set aside some days for prayer.  I flew to Costa Rica and Jim travelled via bus from Boquete, Panama. The last few years God has been healing me in the area of my emotions. By healing I…

How to Pray as We Go

Pastor Les leaves for Scotland this week for 2 weeks of ministry.  He shares with us from Matthew 10 on how we can pray for those who go, but also reminds us that each of us GO every single day. Pray for the right… People Power Provision And remember, doing good things for or with the wrong people are not God things.  The wrong people are those you are not called to and they become distractions unto disobedience.

Why You Don’t Need to Enter into the Holy of Holies

Religion loves to put form over function, duty over beauty.  Most of us struggle to enter into a place religion talks about instead of entering into a relationship that was purchased through the cross.  Listen in and be challenged to think afresh about the splitting of the veil in Matthew 27.

The Journey of Discipleship

Stevie shares from Matthew 28 on the Great Commission and discipleship.  He explores the image of The Autistic Church and how we have lost our words and stopped engaging with the world outside of us.