Sermons by Guest

How to Forgive Yourself

Have you ever done something that hurt someone?  Something you were ashamed of?  Said or did something that was just a big piece of stupid?Of course you have!  And so have I. One benefit of being a Child of God is that when we receive Our Good Father’s love, it includes His forgiveness, which means we can choose to forgive ourselves.  In fact, we have no right to even hold our sins against us.

Everything Has Already Been Imparted to YOU!

Impartation:  A revelation of what is already there. Numbers 11: Last time I was here I spoke about when God took the Spirit and put it on 70-elders; which represents a generation; Moses represents 1–He was representing not his one but The ONE.  It wasn’t Moses imparting himself but God imparting Himself thru Moses Genesis:  “The Lord God formed man from the ground…”. God put His hands on Humanity.   God’s hand is UPON ME!   “…and He breathed…”. God was kindling…

Keys to Kingdom Peace

Keys to Kingdom PEACE Prayers Colossians 3:15-__ Things of The Kingdom may be a process We are not to live in this world’s system but progressively move into heaven’s system of being here on earth John 17–Father make them one as WE are One. As we grow and pray the right kinds of prayers to enter into the kingdom then God begins to release new things to us Exhortation I Timothy 2:1-__ Talks of 4-different types of prayers in this…