Sermons from August 2015

The Journey of Discipleship

Stevie shares from Matthew 28 on the Great Commission and discipleship.  He explores the image of The Autistic Church and how we have lost our words and stopped engaging with the world outside of us.

How to Turn Worry Into Prayer

Did you know that worry replaces prayer?  That worry tunes out God with the sound of our own voices?  Listen in as we explore what worry is, what kind of prayer replaces it and the three steps to turning worry into prayer.

How to Save Yourself from Disaster by Janie

Guest speaker Janie Garber shares with us how being at peace will heal you, rescue you from wrong work, increase your efficiency and save you from disaster (apologies for the beginning of the message).

Communion: Jesus Makes It So Easy

Jesus makes it so easy for us, using simple, human things like bread, wine, invitation, relation and death, to bring us into life and relationship with God.  Our friend Mike shares communion with The Journey community in Tomball, Texas.