Sermons on Christian Life (Page 3)

Glory Bubbles of Christmas

The Glory of God is the manifestation of His personality and power.  His glory is all over Christmas, the heavens and the earth, and you and I.

Dynamic Gratitude Changes Us

If you’ve ever practice dynamic gratitude then you know it isn’t easy.  Steve shares with us how dynamic gratitude both changes and heals us.  Part 2 is coming soon.

Dynamic Grumbling

A powerful message where we explore the sin of grumbling, how grumbling comes from you and not your circumstances and the cure for a grumbling heart.

Friends of God by Curtis Clewett

You will love this fresh look at Abraham taking his son to be sacrificed as Curtis shares a powerful message about being the friends of God. (sorry for the first 5-minutes not being recorded)

Every One of Us Needs to Receive

Every one of us needs to receive from every one of us, yet every one of us struggles to receive God’s gifts thru others.  Les explores 3 reasons why we struggle to receive.

Every One of Us (#2) Gives the Bread of Life

Jesus declares that He was the bread of life and we must consume His flesh and drink His blood in order to be full of life.  Paul, in a letter to the Corinthians declares that we are the body of Christ.  Join us as we explore the idea that the local church, your spiritual gathering […]

The Journey of Discipleship

Stevie shares from Matthew 28 on the Great Commission and discipleship.  He explores the image of The Autistic Church and how we have lost our words and stopped engaging with the world outside of us.

How to Turn Worry Into Prayer

Did you know that worry replaces prayer?  That worry tunes out God with the sound of our own voices?  Listen in as we explore what worry is, what kind of prayer replaces it and the three steps to turning worry into prayer.