Sermons on Holy Spirit (Page 2)

The Disruptive Glory of Christmas

The Glory of God, His personality and presence, disrupted the political, social and religious realms 2,000 years ago by bringing peace and hope to the world.  God continues to offer that peace to us  even though we fight against it.

Glory Bubbles of Christmas

The Glory of God is the manifestation of His personality and power.  His glory is all over Christmas, the heavens and the earth, and you and I.

Christmas Eve Communion

Les shares for a few minutes about Christmas, then a song (not sung by Les!) and a short conversation connecting Christmas to communion.

Why Herod Was Afraid of Christmas

God comes to the earth in the form of Jesus in order to bring in a new kingdom order for government, religion and relationships.  He does it not with a mighty army of angels with flaming swords but with a baby in a diaper who begins his life in a manger.  Discover with us why […]

Why Joseph Was Afraid of Christmas

The adopted Dad of Jesus wasn’t a believer at first.  Joseph overcame a previous decision and his religion in order to act upon the word of God.  Listen in as we learn why Joseph was afraid of Christmas.

Ken + Janie Garber

Ken shares about telling our stories and connecting with people thru pain:  “pain is the universal emotion because we all know pain.  We don’t all know love.”  Janie showed us that hope is not an emotion that goes up and down but rather a spiritual thing, a constant, a thread attached firmly to God that […]